Individual bands do not join the Confederation of Ulster Bands.  They instead join their nearest local forum.

To contact any of the forums, see our links section for details of their website.

To date there are 17 local band forums, all local bandsmen and women dealing with local issues.

Since their formation, these Bands Forums have made steady progress and are securing greater recognition from the Police, Council, Government Bodies, Parades Commission and also the wider community.

On-line forums
Bands Forum
Crown Defenders Forum
Ulster Bands Forum

Local Forums
Armagh Bands Forum
Ballymena Bands Forum
Fermanagh Bands Forum
Lisburn Bands Forum
Londonderry Bands Forum
North Antrim Bands Forum
South Down Bands Forum
South East Antrim Bands Forum
South Londonderry Bands Forum
Ulster Bands Association
West Ulster Bands Forum

36th Regimental Bands Association
Greater Belfast Branch
North Ulster Branch
Mid Ulster Branch

If you want to examine the idea of establishing a forum or band association in your area, Contact C.U.B. and we will help to facilitate an initial meeting.